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Default Re: 2013 Knicks Playoff Run thread

Originally Posted by knickscity
Whats up with this biased post? Durant is infinitely better than Melo, but like any player by themselves on an island...the dude got wore out trying to do everything, vs Melo only scores.

Durant had two bad shooting game, the rest of his game was very solid

Game 1 Durant....13-26 15 rebounds 6 assists.35 points

Game 2 11-21 11 rebounds 9 assists .....36 points

Game 3 9-19 11 rebounds 5 assists.....25 points

Game 4 10-27 7 rebounds 7 assists.......27 points

Game 5 5-21 8 rebounds 6 assists......21 points.

Didn't even mention the steals and blocks he gets.

And that was against a team that actually has an offensive gameplan and plays all around better defense.

Indiana is not on Memphis level....the situations are NOT comparable.
Situations are very comparable. Both you and I know that.
I said in my post that Durant is the better player.
My problem is when Melo shot 41% you didn't even care to look at his other stats or his teammates stats. All you said was "41% - he sucks".

Now when Durant shoots percentage like this (and if he wasn't the league's golden boy he would have shot under 40% for sure) you find a way to defend him.
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