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Default Re: 2013 Knicks Playoff Run thread

Originally Posted by Clutch
Come on man,we all know Houston is trash defensively. When he faced a defensive team in Memphis his shooting percentage plummeted and was even worse than Melo's against the Pacers.
Pacers and Grizzlies are pretty comparable defensively,I would even say Hibbert is a better shot blocker than Gasol and Paul George is a better defender than Prince (who's getting old).
He shot so poorly despite refs protecting him like he's some kind of endangered species.

Durant is a better player than Melo. But you attacked Melo for shooting poorly,it would be unfair to give Durant a pass for that.
And being tired is not a valid excuse. It's the playoffs. Everyone is tired the same. Melo even played injured while Durant was healthy as it gets.
Houston tore the Knicks a new one, I wouldn't even talk about defense.

Durant tired out, dude finished his playoff run 51% and 41% from three, melo was not close.

Are you seriously saying a player who lead their team in scoring rebounding assists steals should not be tired compared to a player who only scores and wasn't even good at that?

And hell no hibbert is not as good as gasol in any facet.

Paul george is a good defender by why not compare him to the Grizzlies defenders in Tony allen and Conley?

The Grizzlies are better than the pacers by a mile.

Melo does nothing better than Durant, at this point it should be a close case.

Durant had TWO BAD GAMES,he was still lighting them up in the previous three.
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