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Default Re: So what moves can be made?

Originally Posted by knickscity
Kevin Love is the definition of empty stats?

It's safe to say you havent watch Eric Gordon.

But it makes no difference you plainly stated you dont want often injured players.

So what moves would you make? I'd love to here yours.
Of course he is. Love is averaging prime Tim Duncan numbers but his team is always in the lottery. He even steals rebounds from his teammates

I watched Eric Gordon and I'm not really impressed. He's a career 44% shooter. He doesn't rebound (2.5 career average) or pass (3.3 career average).

He's like a slightly smarter,non rebounding and injury prone version of J.R. Smith.

On the other hand Kyrie Irving and Stephen Curry are complete players and 100 times better than Eric Gordon.
If I'm going to take an injured player he has to be really good. Eric Gordon isn't.
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