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Default Re: So what moves can be made?

Originally Posted by Clutch
I know what position this guy plays. What I'm saying is that he doesn't impact the game other than with his scoring and he's not really an elite player in that department either.
He's like a slightly more efficient and slightly smarter version of J.R. but more injury prone.
J.R. is a much better rebounder and his contract is a bargain.

We don't need Eric Gordon. But getting Kyrie Irving or Stephen Curry would improve us greatly. Yeah,I know they aren't available but you mentioned them and I stated my reasons why I would easily trade for them but not for Eric Gordon.
Dude, you stated you didn't want injured players, thats why i mentioned them.

Originally Posted by Clutch
I don't want Eric Gordon. He's always injured.

Something like Amare. Talented but can't get on the court.

Otherwise I would have kept the convo on guys that can be attained.

A shooting guard is supposed to shoot well, everything else is a bonus.

Eric Gordon does that, is available, much younger, and played the latter half of the season.

He's had pretty much the same statistical career of allan Houston.
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