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Default Re: So what moves can be made?

Originally Posted by Clutch
Let's say you're right and they wouldn't take Tyson for Cousins.
Are there any available centers in the league ?

Personally I would take a defensive/rebounding center who's not as expensive/overrated like Tyson but does his job well.
Then I would trade Tyson for another player who can score,no matter what position. If we could get 2 players who can contribute that would be great.
I'm not asking for anything special,just get something valuable for him. Players who you can put on the floor in a playoff game and say "look,this guy doesn't suck".
You say he sucks, why are trying to get something valuable back?

2 players who can contribute in a playoff game for a player you say sucks, come one dude.

I know Tysons limitations and actual value, thats why I would take a risk on a player who makes the same money whom has injury issues.

Who would trade their defensive /rebounding center for Tyson?

You guys dont like him yet think you're getting someone else better big man for him.
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