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Default Re: So what moves can be made?

Originally Posted by Clutch
He sucks but he's overrated. There are people that actually think he's good. There are GM's who would trade for him.

I didn't say we should trade Tyson for a defensive/rebounding center.
We should SIGN someone. franchize suggested Samuel Dalembert a season ago. I don't know who's available out there but let's sign someone and then trade Tyson for someone who can play regardless of the position.

Yes,Tyson sucks. But everyone praises how good teammate he is,how good glue guy he is,how good of a leader he is...
There are guys who would trade for him just because of that.
Dalembert missed half the year and averaged 6 point and 5 boards and couldn't even start for his own team.

he hasn't played over 25 minutes per game in 5 years due to being scrubtacular.
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