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Default Re: BTE: Biggest Thread Ever LV

Originally Posted by Fallen Angel
The majority of the audience isn't a basketball junkie. Duh
Originally Posted by Legends66NBA7
But the majority of the basketball world is catered to a younger audience, so he is actually commentating some what to the younger fans.

Always like him, I know he can always bring more on topic insight to the game.
He does it in every game, though. Even regular season games. Casual fans usually just watch the playoffs.

And also, he's the color commentator, he should be the one giving out opinionated statements. Spark up conversations between the commentators. The regular play-by-play guy (Breen) should be the one giving out stats and obvious shit.

That's why JVG + Breen (+ Jackson) is a good team. JVG and Jackson are there to give some personality to the crew with their opinions/views, while Breen is the equalizer.

Hubie + Breen = same dudes(both are play-by-play, no color commentator role) basically.
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