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Default Re: So what moves can be made?

Originally Posted by Clutch
I don't think Robin Lopez is better than Tyson. But I think we would be better with Robin Lopez + something valuable we got from Tyson than just with Tyson.
But if we can't get him...
You said you would replace Tyson with Robin.

You're endorsing a 5 reboound player who doesn't defend a lick to be our starter.

There is a reason why he signed a three year deal with two years partially guaranteed.....he truly is garbage.

But i still have yet to understand how you guys think Tyson sucks so much yet think you'll get something valuable back?

A 30 year old center, whom will be 31 when next season starts making 14 mil per season for the next two years is not an asset.

Just look around the league for guys making 13-14 mil.

Kevin Love and Eric Gordon would be those targets, and they'd be immediate upgrades.
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