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Default Re: 2013 Knicks Playoff Run thread

Knickscity...remind me of Durant's last 2 4th quarter stats.

And since when is it the worst thing in the world to get blocked by a 7'2" center? It was a nice block. Melo is 6'8" and never was super athletic. Hibbert is 7'2" and a pretty good shot blocker. He made a nice play.'

You can take more shots than your entire starting lineup and expect to win.
When you can tell me who was knocking down shots besides Melo in the 1st half...then maybe you can use that argument. The guy had zero help for most of the game. Cope and Shump were the only other guys who showed up.

This post season has brought out the worst in you Knickscity. Sorry to say it...but you're stories aren't consistent. You're sounding ridiculous dude. You're ripping a guy who gets 39 and 7 on the road in one thread but making excuses for a guy who got 2 points and 6 rebounds in another thread. You're a cool dude who knows a lot about sports but


<----See. Even Kevin is lookin at you sideways lol
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