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Default Re: We didn't win...reflections

Originally Posted by franchize
Tyson Chandler is a winner? lmao He's a coattail rider. And if Chris Paul and Dirk wanted him back so bad...why have neither of their teams re-signed him? Tyson Chandler is a bum. You can say what you will about the team around him, but what Hibbert did to him was mano y mano. Had nothing to do with him not getting the ball. Nothing to do with anyone helping him. Indiana wasn't running any special plays for Hibbert. They were just giving him the ball and saying "Go Bust His Ass" and that's exactly what he did. Kevin Garnett did the same thing.

But when I said this in the beginning of the year, you acted like I was an idiot.

So why aren't his blocked shots higher?

Melo held his man under his season average. Chandler...not so much. Stop BSin dude. Hibbert gave him the business. Stop making excuses. Garnett busted his ass too.

I don't care what "situation" you're in. 2 points, 0 blocks and 6 rebounds in an elimination game is unacceptable. Say it with me now

Hibbert is better than Tyson whats the debate on that?

And Dallas offered Tyson 1 year 20 million to they did want him back, hell Cuban was pissed that Kidd left.

Chris Paul has always said he wants to play with Tyson again.

The guy had to do everything no one else would.

It's ironic these players turned into garbage as soon as they come here.
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