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Default Re: 2013 Knicks Playoff Run thread

Originally Posted by franchize
It is when said power forward ISN'T A POWER FORWARD. Cmon dude lol Stop it. You're looking bad. You've defended a guy that's 7 feet for getting killed down low, but you're mad at a guy playing out of position for getting MORE rebounds? lol So even though Melo is going against one of the strongest PF in the league, his rebounding is a problem. But Tyson Chandler gets a pass when he's going against another center...despite the fact that he's paid specifically for his defense and rebounding?
I've already said Tyson has played terrible in two straight playoffs, there is nothing else to say.

Tyson sucked two straight years.

Now you need to say that 37% 41% and 39% in three straight playoffs from the supposed best scorer in the NBA is pathetic.

Say it with me.....

Carmelo Anthony does not step up in the playoffs, he just increases his field goal attempts....aka a chucker.
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