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Default Re: Thank You Knicks

Originally Posted by franchize
Dude...I told you EXACTLY what would happen and it happened EXACTLY as I predicted it. I told you, in the offseason, that we would sign Kidd BEFORE we even signed him. I told you he'd eventually be our starter. I told you he'd start of the year looking good, hitting 3's and people would be on his jock. I also told you he wouldn't be able to keep it up and that he's be a liability. Lo and behold. That's EXACTLY what happened. You don't pay a guy 3 million dollars to "mentor" a player you haven't even resigned yet. That's DUMB!!!

You should listen to me more often Knickscity. I'm not your average 20 something. I'm sorta smart lol
Dude our starting lineup would be...

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