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Default To some extent, VC is right about the Nets screwed up the Playoffs positions...

The Nets got a 4th seed, and the Hawks lost two straight to allow the Bulls to move up to 5th seed. The Nets had a tough battle and lost in 7, the season ended with semi-disappointment, although honestly a first round exit for a team that had 20-30 wins for the last 4-5 seasons should not be that bad.

I remember VC said that the nets could've made it to ECF if we grabbed the 3rd seed. Hes actually right about that, we surely could. Lets see how this would have turned out for us:

1st round: Nets 4-0 Hawks
2nd round: Nets 4-2 Knicks

So yeah, it looks good to me this way. I never doubted that we'd swept the Hawks if we played them, too bad it turned out to be the Bulls instead. The Nets also had an edge over the Knicks due to the play-style, and the fact that Mike Woodson is a 2nd round coach he always was. The way the Knicks played in 2nd round also made it clear that they were overrated. The conclusion is, the Nets indeed could've made it to ECF as a 3 seed.

And how about another scenario, what if the Nets traded place with Knicks. In this way, the 4th seedKnicks would've been knocked out by the Bulls, probably in less than 7 games. The 2nd seed Nets would go on to sweep both the Celtics and the Pacers, dont laugh, the Nets were 3-0 against Pacers in regular season and we got their number. Going 8-0 in the first two rounds of playoffs sounds sweet, and moreover, it was clearly possible.

So either way, the Nets would've made it to ECF as a 2nd or 3rd seed, yet a 4th seed was really bad considering that our ceiling would be 2nd round even if we somehow got past the Bulls. For this, the Nets only had themselves to blame for losing some important games at the end of the season against the Hawks, 76ers and Raptors.

Anyway the season is over, hopefully the Nets will adjust and win 55+ games next season. Good news for us is that the Nets have brighter future than the Knicks, we are not that old of a team and have room to improve despite the fact that FA signing seems to be out of the picture.
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