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Default Are you all just ready to admit

That I was right the whole time?

You told me I was an idiot for suggesting

Villanueva, Austin daye and Ben Gordon for amare

Hedo turkoglu, al Harrington, vucevic for aMare

And of course Bargnani and anything for amare

You'd take that back on any of those deals right?

And it's been sell high on chandler and Felton the whole time but you were all against moving chandler (until the last few weeks)

When will you stop with all the great yet silly threads and just move onto building a team Around Carmelo - don't Ask him to be a Great perimeter Player, ask him to be the best power 3 of all time

Yeah ask more from Carmelo. Ask him to be a double digit rebounder- if he was out there thinking reb's were what he gets paid for. Tell me he wouldn't get 10+ per game

Just don't ask him to be a perimeter player- he's only an all star that way
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