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Default Re: Be strong bulls fans!

Originally Posted by SnakePlissken
But they...

- Traded LaMarcus Aldridge for Tyrus Thomas

- Wouldn't even consider Luol Deng in a trade for Pau Gasol

- Traded away J.R. Smith for pretty much nothing

- Let the team quit on Scott Skiles and fired him

- Signed Carlos Boozer to a ridiculous contract

- Traded Thabos Sefolosha for almost nothing

- Broke up the "bench mob" from the last two seasons

They lucked into drafting Derrick Rose. They've made SOME other smart draft picks but have really blown it with a lot of the picks. Overall, the Front Office has been a joke the majority of the time since the championship Bulls of the '90s.
Thabo became Taj. We won that trade.

Also I don't think breaking up the bench mob was bad. I can see why people would think it is though maybe.. But given that we were unlikely to beat the Heat fully healthy anyways, and we definitely went into the season we had no shot in hell of beating them, I really feel that breaking up the bench wasn't a big deal. I loved Ronnie, but we upgraded by finally giving Jimmy time. Kirk was infinitely better than CJ. (and we knew that would happen going into the season so that wasn't a fluke move). And Korver was an overpaid shooter. A nice luxury, but one we couldn't afford anymore. Letting Asik walk was a mistake though.
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