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Default Re: 2013 Knicks Playoff Run thread

End of the day, he's still the 3rd best player at his position. He still lead his team to a record that is FAR greater than the sum of their talent. And last but not least, you still cannot name a player that's available via FA or trade, that will lead his team further with the players we have on our roster.

If you want to continue to be overly critical and act like Melo ruined our team, despite the fact that we've gotten better every year he was be it. You can continue to buy into GM's gutting teams on both the Knicks and Jets. You can continue being "that fan" that believes the pundits in NYC. You can continue to drink the Koolaid Knickscity. I'm tired of being the dumb Knicks and Jets fan. I'm tired of running stars outta town and glorifying role players who suck. YOUR WAY HASN'T WORKED!!! THE JETS AND KNICKS HAVEN'T WON A RING IN 44 AND 40 YEARS RESPECTIVELY!!! TRY SOMETHING ELSE
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