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Default Re: 2013 Knicks Playoff Run thread

I didnt address this earlier. Clutch wanted to make a point about Durant's efficiency in comparison to Melo's. As Clutch already mentioned and prefaced his statement is that Durant is better.

Durant is more efficient than Melo and even if you take 2 games or a game to point out Melo was more efficient then fine. The problem is and like Knickcity has said if Durant has an off night he does so many other things better than Melo that contributes to the team to win. Durant will not get the backlash of the early exit or having an off shooting night because he does everything. Durant will lead his team or be top 3 in every other category. Rebounds, Assist, Steals, Blocks...

Franchise the point you're ALWAYS missing and you NEVER get. If Melo is suppose to be a superstar then he should look to improve his all around game. Use his game to make teammates better.

If Melo did the other stuff with the inefficiency then its more forgivable.

I still dont understand how these conversations keep turning to Chandler. They play 2 different positions and 2 different levels. It's utterly ridiculous to try to justify Melo's greatness or failures based on what Tyson does. Take a step back and really think about that. That's like you comparing what Durant does to Ibaka just an FYI the only cat that Ibaka had over Durant was blocks.
It's assi-9!

The Jets situation is totally different than the Knicks because of the hard cap. You can not have a CB take up that much room on your cap best player or not, when the team has overpaid too many role players. This team had to purge those overpaid role players as well as the best player coming off a significant injury.
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