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Default Re: So what moves can be made?

The only thing that surprises me is Chris Copeland. But this fan base gets a big WTF if Melo isnt number 1. Really there are only 10 players at most in the league that are good enough to be considered arguably the cornerstone of a franchise. And I think only 1 is available.

Originally Posted by Clutch
I suggest everyone check this out:

Basically it's a poll and you decide who goes and who stays.

RESULTS SO FAR (percentages of how many people voted for them to stay):

Iman Shumpert - 93%
Chris Copeland - 89%
Carmelo Anthony - 87%
Pablo Prigioni - 82%
Tyson Chandler - 74%
Glen Grunwald - 74%
Raymond Felton - 73%
Mike Woodson - 73%
Kenyon Martin - 67%
Steve Novak - 50%
J.R.Smith - 45%
Amare Stoudemire - 29%
Earl Barron - 21%
Jason Kidd - 17%
James White - 15%
Quentin Richardson - 12%
Marcus Camby - 10%

You know why historically the Knicks have done that was because of too many guaranteed contracts on the team. I dont agree with it though.

Originally Posted by franchize
I'm going to look at the list of FA again today and post a little later. Turns out I actually have work to do at work (The nerve of them right? lol )

Our offseason can get off to a good start by having a good draft. Don't be lazy Grunwald and pick an overseas guy who may or may not show up. This year is considered a fairly weak draft, but it's always been my opinion that "weak drafts" usually benefit the teams that pick later on.

I'm surprised no one is feeding into the CP3 idea....
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