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Default Re: Be strong bulls fans!

I only disagree when the premise is abundantly stupid.

"Holding the team accountable" means that if you feel the FO are some **** ups who have done NOTHING right in 10 years other than draft Derrick Rose then you do not support them. You do not buy Bulls gear. You do not watch their games.

THAT'S the only way you hold them accountable and THAT'S why I suggest that if you feel the franchise has been so inept that you root for another team.

It's like you have no sense of reasoning and loyalty.

Things aernt going to go perfect every season....and I don't thin the FO is anywhere near perfect...I'm still hot that they drafted TT over LA....but I don't let my negative feelings get in the way of what's supposed to be a fun endeavor.

You guys sound like turn coat idiots agreeing with flimsy troll accounts and making ultimatums.

Again, FOH.
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