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Default Re: Be strong bulls fans!

- Traded LaMarcus Aldridge for Tyrus Thomas (admittedly a bad move)

- Wouldn't even consider Luol Deng in a trade for Pau Gasol (you have no clue as to what goes on in GM meetings so this statement is trash)

- Traded away J.R. Smith for pretty much nothing (JR Smith is a questionable player and person who does not have the discilpine or defense needed on this squad....I'd rather struggle and give a yougn guard a chance)

- Let the team quit on Scott Skiles and fired him (the team quitting on Skiles is not as simple as you made it out to be and with that we have Thibs a better coach by far so we won out)

- Signed Carlos Boozer to a ridiculous contract (that year the FA market was not in our favor and we over paid but got a 16/10 PF that helped us to the best record in the league....even with his deficiencies he stayed healthy this year and was our most consistent performer)

- Traded Thabos Sefolosha for almost nothing (WRONG: we got Taj)

- Broke up the "bench mob" from the last two seasons (the bench mob was overrated, Nate replaced CJ beautifully and Marco replaced Kyle). The only loss that hurt was Omer and I can understand why he was let go.

They lucked into drafting Derrick Rose. They've made SOME other smart draft picks but have really blown it with a lot of the picks. Overall, the Front Office has been a joke the majority of the time since the championship Bulls of the '90s.

All-in-all the FO has performed on the better-side of NBA franchises--after filling the void of MJ, imho, they have done pretty well.

I am going to be a Bull's fan NO MATTER WHAT, and watching/commenting basketball is fun but it sucks when you have so-called fans that join in with the trolls when it comes to bashing your favorite team.
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