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Default Re: Vent your frustrations

Originally Posted by Rameek
Franchise nailed it.. Those dudes need to retire but if I were them hell no give me my money say what you want about me!

Grumwald has to prove his worth this summer. Although this was a successful step in the right direction overall for the team but the end goal is a championship. Prigs, Martin, Copeland were solid players.

I only want Prigioni back if Kidd is gone. You can't have two guys liek that on your team. I don't see what Kidd does that Prigioni doesn't at this point. I'll take the younger, more hungry of the 2. People fall in love with "vets" but the underlying issue with them is...they have nothing to prove. Kidd already has his ring. He could play as poorly as he wants. His legacy is cemented.
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