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Default Re: So what moves can be made?

Originally Posted by franchize
I just read that JR left money on the table and agreed to a 4 year deal for just over 5 mill.
i think this deal is a "gentlemens" deal.

It was well known the Clippers were prepared to offer more, imo he has taken less.

But letting him walk is not a good idea for the Knicks who have limited resources.

That money saved can't be used anywhere as it's an exception, and the Knicks would be telling CAA that the guy who took less ...screw him.

Good luck free agent hunting with vets mins and an mle on that bad note.

The Knicks have to set the bar that if talented guys are willing to take a little less today, we will pay you fairly tomorrow.

JR's value extends past his production on the court.

i assure you, someone, most likely a young player, will sign here for a smaller amount this summer with the same hopes of JR Smith.
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