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Default Re: Be strong bulls fans!

You can be a fan of the team and still call out their players and Front Office when they do stupid crap. I'm not going to kiss their asses just because it's my favorite team. That doesn't mean Derrick Rose is perfect, it doesn't mean the Front Office is perfect. The Front Office has been run like a joke for the majority of the last 15 years. Yes, they've made up for a lot of their bad mistakes in the past few years. Drafting Derrick Rose, signing Thibs, drafting Taj (I forgot Taj was what the Bulls got for giving up Sefolosha), letting Noah develop instead of trading him like they did with Tyson Chandler. But even then they're not perfect. They still have a lot of work cut out for them if they want to build a legit championship team. The pieces of are there. Noah, Butler, Rose and Taj is a great core to build around. But they have to make some better, smarter moves still.
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