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Dirk needs to stay put at the 4. Its annoying as hell that the mavs continually bring in players who arent half as good as he is and ask him to adapt. Seriously is there another superstar who is continually asked to change his game because the average players on his team want to play his position? None that i can think of. Can you imagine the heat telling wade to play sf and pf because they are gonna trade for jerry stackhouse? no that would be effing retarted just as this trade would be. Martin hasnt been healthy in 2 years and he cant guard centers. Asking dirk to be the guy to move around from the 3 4 and 5 positions defensively because you traded for a 4 is just stupid. You have Dirk. You are going to continue to have dirk. To make a long story short, you dont need a pf. You got the backup in the quis trade. Now you dont need one. That is one position that you absolutely do not need another player at.(obviously if JO or KG becomes available that position changes)
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