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Default Re: All Purpose Boxing Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by L.Kizzle
I started an interest with boxing about 4 years or so ago when Floyd Mayweather came back out of retirement.

Before than, other than the regular Tyson and Ali matches on ESPN Classic, I was never into it. Two years ago I started to get deep into it and it has climbe to my 2nd favorite sport behind basketball.

Rank these guy, the best All-Time out of these guys who've been some of the most popular the last 5 years or so.

-Floyd Mayweather
-Manny Pacquiao
-Shane Mosley
-Miguel Cotto
-Antonio Margarito
-Juan Manuel Marquez
-Zab Judah
-Erik Morales
-Bernard Hopkins
-Klitschko brothers

Based on career. I gotta include Barrera on the list.

1. Pacquiao
2. Mayweather
3. Hopkins
4. Marquez
5. Morales
6. Barrera
7. Wladimir
8. Mosley
9. Vitaly
10. Cotto
11. Judah
12. Margarito

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