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Default Re: Be strong bulls fans!

All-in-all the FO has performed on the better-side of NBA franchises--after filling the void of MJ, imho, they have done pretty well.

I was just discussing some of the failures of Paxson and Forman. I didn't even go into how embarrassingly bad the Front Office was right after the '98 season and it took 7 years before the Bulls were back in the playoffs again.

I don't even think I really need to go into detail about how crappy this team was in the early '00s. Trading rookie of the year Elton Brand for Tyson Chandler?? How about the genius trade of Brad Miller and Ron Artest for Jalen Rose? How about when the 3 C's (Crawford, Curry and Chandler) were supposed to lead the Bulls? Remember when the FO laughed at the idea of trading them for Garnett in 2003?

Paxson built a decent enough team in the mid '00s. The Skiles/Hinrich/Gordon/Deng teams were fun for a few seasons before Paxson was exposed and made some terrible trades/signings.
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