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Default Re: All Purpose Boxing Discussion Thread

It depends, what are you asking to rank them on, greatness as a boxer or greatness of a career? I know that sounds like an odd choice but I think it's an important distinction to make. IMO Hopkins is clearly below Floyd and manny on the greatness as a fighter list simply because he never had the physical skills either of them possesses. Not even when he was absolutely dominating at middleweight. He never had blazing speed or true knockout power. But in terms of greatness of a career? He doesn't take a backseat to anyone on this list. His peak(the aforementioned dominating run at middleweight) goes up against anyone's and his longevity is not even close to being matched(though the more I think about it, Floyd might take a shot at it if he ends up losing a close decision at some point and no longer has to worry about protecting his 0.

With that in mind here is my list based on greatness at a fighter
2. Manny
3. Mosley
4. Hopkins
5. Jmm
6. Morales
7. Vitaly(iv never understood why the klitschko with the bad chin gets ranked higher, I know the brothers chose to allow him to keep the main belts but lets be honest if they fought big brother would beat lil brother. He's never lost other than due to injury)
8. Morales
9. Cotto(I think you are underselling him a hair rba. He was great IMO. Not high enough to be on an all time list but still a great fighter)

I'll also add if you missed Rjj you seriously need to go watch his fights from his prime. He would be first on this list from the pure greatness category if included. His best takes a backseat to absolutely no one ever.
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