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Default Re: Watch Dogs - Open World Gameplay Premiere Commentary

One thing that's struck me about this game ... how do you get around?

One of the critical elements about an open world game is how you get around that world. You can make the best city in gaming history, but if it's no fun to get around, it's not gonna make for much of a game.

Even GTA had to go to the fast travel stuff in IV. That was one of the reasons I've not liked a few recent open worlds, like LA Noir and Mafia. Mafia was a decent story, but it was a mission based game. The only thing the open world did was make you drive back and forth from your apartment to the mission each time. The world was involved in some of the missions, but otherwise the city was too dead, and the car handling wasn't up to snuff, making driving through the city dull. LA Noir had some random side missions you could stumble upon, but again, it was mostly just getting to and from crime scenes in lousey 50s cars.

Red Dead's horse riding was fun (and they had fast travel). Assassin's Creed's free running is fun. Infamous' free running, rail sliding, elecrofloating was fun (although that game almost got ruined by taking too long to get you the power ups needed to traverse the city properly). Batman's cape gliding was fun. And GTA's long history of stealing good cars, and having a city littered with with cool side elements, along with ramps and short cuts all over is fun (although as I said, they resorted to fast travel in the cabs, and after insisting I wouldn't use it, I wound up using it a fair amount).

So how does this guy get around? His hacking skills make me think he's gonna have some access to stealing cars, but that doesn't seem like it's gonna be his main thing, and this isn't built like a "driving game" the way GTA is. And he could have some free running skills seeing as this is Ubisoft, but I haven't seen footage like we did where he's running like we saw with ACIII. I mean that's sort of the whole point of those games. And if they did do it, wouldn't just feel like a re-skinned AC?

There's gotta be some gimmick to movement. Too much quick travel and it feels less open world and more just jumping from level to level.
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