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Default Re: So what moves can be made?

Originally Posted by Rameek
So the Knicks dont have a PF and 1 C so everyone suggest lets add small guys? brilliant

There is a reason why the Knicks gets outrebounded every night.
Can't speak for others, but I did suggest trading Tyson for Kevin Love or Eric Gordon.

This team is an offense based team, and unfortunately they might as well go for the fences and aim for #1 offense.

This isn't and never was a defensive minded team, they win by scoring at ridiculous clips.

Melo needs help scoring the basketball...EG helps with that, even though he has injury concerns, which he is currently clearing up so that he can start fresh next season, although he did play and well for the latter past.

N.O. doesn't want him and he doesn't want them.

Love doesn't want to be in Minny and his ability to shoot and rebound would help this squad immensely as well.

The Knicks are not replacing Chandler if they do trade him with Dalembert who is garbage, and an old as dust Jermaine Oneal.

I did think this was a trade thread vs a free agent thread, i stand corrected if it isn't.

Now what I do find odd is, I'm the only one that is rendering scenarios to trade Tyson.
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