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Firstly, it is generally considered to be a very "weak" draft. It's always been my opinion, that in years where the draft and free agency pool are considered "weak", the non-lottery teams prosper the most. People are making safe moves, diamonds in the rough appear and generally, the good teams end up with key role players.

As far as the draft goes, I've mentioned before that I've somewhat boycotted college basketball this year because of what they allowed to happen to the Big East. That being said, I've recently began doing some research on a few players. If I had to pick "my guy", it would have to be Isaiah Cannan from Murray State. I've actually liked him since last year. I think he could be this year's Damian Lillard. Not as explosive, but a small school kid with a ton of game.

He had handle. He can pass. He already has an NBA ready physique. He's a bit undersized height wise (5'11 w/o shoes, 6'0" w/). He's a really good shooter with NBA 3 point range. His numbers were a little down this year because Murray State lost some key guys to graduation and suspensions. Overall I think this kid can ball. I know PG isn't a pressing area of need. However, I think this is a draft to take BPA. He tested really well in the agility tests. He hit over 50% of his 3 point shots in the around the horn drill. I think he'd help us immediately. Sorry, but I'm still not sold on our backup guard situation.
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