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Default Re: Colangelo OUT as GM!!!

i dont mind keeping BC on as President especially since it has been made clear itvwill be in a non basketball operations role meaning drafting, trades, free agents etc and the new GM will report directly to Lewieke. Classy move!! I mean think about it this way BC made alot of strides corporate wise to move this team forward. it was the first team to have uts own NBA tv channel. first to have 3d in the arena. has created tons of co munity programs not only on toronto but across canada. we ll agree BC failed s GM of the raptors by not being able to construct a chmpionship calibre team in the 7 years hes been here but you cant deny his efforts as president at the corporate level. hes a veryvwell respected executive who can offer a lotvto this organization and keeping him on will help take some of the early job pressures off of Lewieke. in a few years BC will probably be offered another President/GM role somewhere else and he will be gone but in the meantime im perfectly fine keeping him in his corporate role and away from basketball player decisions. besides on a more humanitarian level the dude win or lose gave his best and hes one of us i mean this guy really really loves toronto and wanted to be a part of this organization. hes a raptor. this is a classy move for the raptors and will be viewed like that by the entire nba including the next GM, our own players, and possible player recruits. way to go Lewikie treating people with respect is the first step in creating a new culture in torontonone that has the potential to be a place where top players want to live and play!!
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