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Default Re: Who should Pistons draft in 2013 NBA Draft?

Originally Posted by dd24
I'm still really unsure what Oladipo is going to be able to do at the next level. It's not like he's an immediate upgrade over Stuckey. Right now I'm thinking more along the lines of drafting the best available player, regardless of the position they play. If Zeller is there we would really have to think about it. At least he would probably be a good trading piece packaged with someone else. I'm ready for the draft lottery tomorrow.... I want to know where we're drafting for certain.

I'm much less certain what Zeller will be able to do at this level than I am with Oladipo. As someone said recently, he's one of the few guys in this draft you know won't get you fired. I think his floor is Tony Allen, his ceiling somewhere between Iggy and Wade.

I don't see us landing a Lebron/Durant any time soon, so I think a great way to be able to compete with superstars like that is to be able to defend them, as well as attack the weaknesses of their teams. Drummond helps with both and Oladipo would be a huge help with the former. We need defense, athleticism and effort and he brings all of it. I think he's a huge upgrade over Stuckey, especially 2013 Stuckey. Calderon,Knight,Oladipo would be a very good backcourt IMO, with a very diverse skillset. THey all complement each other very well. You have a good mix of shooting, passing and defense.
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