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Originally Posted by franchize
I like Glen Rice Jr and Caldwell-Pope. Caldwell-Pope will probably be gone by the time we pick.

My issue with Larkin is, he tested off the charts in the Combine but you don't see all that when he actually plays. He has a lot of Kendall Marshall to his game, although he has a far better jumper.
Honestly, I don't even want Larkin due to the athletic testing. To me that is just something to talk to the general fan base about. I like his ability to pick and choose his spots in terms of shooting and running the offense. He's a bit smaller than I'd like and I'm not sure of his in-between game but if he's around in the mid-20s he would be worth a look. Also, I think he'll do enough on defense not to hamper the team's interior guys by allowing "blow-by's" as often as Ray Felton.

Originally Posted by franchize
I don't trust the Plumlees lol. Every year, Duke gets this tall, athletic white guy who you think is going to be big time...then he turns out to be a disappointment lol Singler is the closest thing to success lmao (not trying to b racist...I'm just joking)

Withey looks ok but I worry about him be possibly being a stiff on the NBA level.
Honestly, I only put Plumlee on the list because he will likely be around there. I much prefer Withy. Both guys have quick enough feet and understand how to get open/get out the way around the basket to be quality offensive garbage men. I prefer Withy because I think he has a bit of Marc Gasol to him defensively. Won't be as effective as Gasol at getting to the spots early but has good enough timing as a shot blocker for the defense to still be good.
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