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Default Re: Wow, 50 Cent just made $400 mil off Vitamin Water

Originally Posted by IBLEEDGREEN43
- cam'ron is from HARLEM, new york.. ever been, i dont suggest you go
- street cred is serious in cities like new york, chicago, miami- that is a very stupid statement you said..
- if you grew up in a city, and somebody robbed a bank and got away with it.. and you knew who did it.. and you told the cops.. you would literally be hunted down and killed.. so why take that chance.. keep your mouth shut.. thats all ' no snitchin' means.. same with drugs...
- high school crap.. go to new york city- its very real and very serious.. i dont get why you said that, at all.. some rappers are publicity stunted to death, and use fake imagery to boost sales.. im telling you, harlem is bad..

cam was the worst rapper to have on that interview.. he doesnt sell at all, but has crazy street cred.. they should have interviewed lil wayne.. he knows B.G owns new orleans..

But you see 50 Cent is a millionaire now. He's PAST that point of his life. I know what Harlem is like and i know what street cred is all about but there's a point where you gotta realize that you're on to bigger and better things. 50 realizes what he has and he's a businessman now, so he does what he needs to do to 1). support his family, and 2). stay on top. Cam doesn't seem to realize that. Yeah in the hood you can't go tell on someone for doing illegal sh*t, but 50 lives in Connecticut now. He got OUT, and when he did that he gave up that whole "true to the streets" thing

Point is all those dudes in Harlem who are rapping, selling drugs etc...are doing it to try to GET where 50 is. Why should 50 play down to their level when they're doing eveything in their power to CATCH UP to him? He paid his dues and he grew bigger than any of them will ever be. He's bigger than Cam is, and bigger than Cam will ever be. Why? Because he grew up.

The whole "you don't know what Harlem is like" thing doesn't have sh*t to do with sh*t. There's nothing wrong with bein from the streets. What it comes down to is having the sense to get out.
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