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Default Re: ideas about finding a gym

Originally Posted by mr beast
sup fellas

i love working on my game and doing drills on my own but lately it seems to be impossible to do that

doing it out in the park is fine but i hate to be dictated by the weather and the concrete is killing my knee

the fitness gyms around here all seem to be crowded like always unless you are there early in the morning

looking for ideas on how people is getting time and the facilities?

much appreciated

Well you just threw away the two main options. When I wanted to work on my shot or other skills I'd go to the gym early. Once the afternoon hits its going to be filled with dudes wanting to play pickup so you wont be able to get your drills in.

Outdoors is your other option.

Then you could always get your own rim at your house if you want to fork the cash over.

Only other way is if you know a private indoor court somewhere and can talk to someone about using it. If the court is public and its inside, its going to be packed like **** come peak time.
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