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With the 24th pick we have to use it on a young big man to learn behind Amare, Chandler, Camby, & hopefully K-Mart if he returns. I'd like to see us roll the dice on one of the kids like Rudy Gobert or Steven Adams who are both 19 with a ton of upside. Its possible 1 goes Top 10 and the other slips just like in past drafts with really young, raw big men. Let them carry luggage all next season, get some spot minutes in a blowout, and simply learn a thing or 2 in practice.

After this series, I realized we have to start planning for the future.

Shump is the only guy on the roster for a future core, not saying we need to blow the team up now but I'd like to see some other young players on this team to get the winning experience early to set them up for once the stars are gone. I just look at how San Antonio does it with young guys like Leonard, Green, Splitter, & Joseph. The winning mindset will carry on for them into the future and help change the funk we were in for a decade with young players coming into a losing culture.
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