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I would like to see one of two trades happen:

1) Boozer and our pick (not Charlotte's) for Ilyasova and sign-and-trade Redick.

Reason -- Bulls get shooting (obviously), along with a high IQ player in Redick and a versatile stretch 3/4 to open the court up more for Rose to drive and kick or finish. Bucks give up some nice pieces, but gain an additional pick plus a 18/12 threat in Boozer. Lastly, for the Bucks, Ilyasova has a 5 year contract, Boozer's is only 3 years. Granted, Carlos is due a lot more money, but still getting out of a contract sooner is not a bad thing.

I don't envision all of these contracts (Hayes and Jimmer can stay) needing to come back to the Bulls. Once the season is over, and players come off the books, Sac should have more cap space.

Reason -- Bulls get shooting/scoring from Thornton, and a potential top 3 player in the league (in a couple years) in Cousins. Thibs, and the Bulls strong core, can keep Cousins in line (if anyone can, that is), while Sac gets rid of some headaches/contracts while getting two professionals back. And neither professional is a scrub, either. Both can ball. If necessary, I'd throw in either our first or the Charlotte pick to get Cousins. To make this even more of a perfect world (putting this in "reasons" because it would be too perfect) would be the Bulls getting a sign-and-traded Evans included.
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