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Raymond Felton Lose some weight and get your endurance up. Even though you have a personal chef something just isnt right. (Reality I have no idea what they would say to him maybe they would look to upgrade the position)

Pablo Prigioni You had a nice year enjoy Europe

Jason Kidd Please retire. (Reality Woody wants him back)

J.R. Smith You showed some improvement in on court behavior and play. Your role will be determined by your further commitment to basketball. (Reality we like you so much for the cheap that we willing to take your scrubby a$$ brother)

James White who?

Iman Shumpert Get healthy and work on your offensive game PLEASE! (Reality be aggressive on the offensive end)

Steve Novak You have to make more strides on defense and putting the ball on the floor. I would try to trade you for almost anything. (Reality he most likely wont be traded.)

Quentin Richardson Peace

Carmelo Anthony As much as we depend on your offensive game. You have to step up and be a more vocal leader. I will try to move you back to SF. Work on your team play this summer. Learn to be more like Durant and LBJ instead of Rudy Gay. (Reality We love you Melo see you next year)

Amare Stoudemire Get healthy. You will be our 20 minute 20 million dollar anchor. I will try to trade you for anything. (Reality get healthy and go back to Hakeem)

Chris Copeland We love your offense. We really dont have a position for you at the moment. I like you at the SF/PF. Get your feet better on defense and learn the defensive assignments. (Reality you may or may not be back with the team)

Kenyon Martin I want you back prepare to play a full season! (Reality not sure if you are coming back because you play defense and rebound)

Tyson Chandler Get healthy go to Hakeem. I will actually try to find you a real power forward and defender. You cant win down low alone. (Reality you will get no help you will continue to see Camby and Melo down low.)

Marcus Camby Please retire (Reality get healthy and prepare for next season)

Earl Barron I wish you could stay. (Reality you wont be on the roster unless someone is injured.

I really dont believe in the Knicks improving or developing players so I have no idea what they would say in that regard. This is why they love being a veteran laden team because they are a lazy organization.
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