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Default Offseason Competition Watch : Pistons

Many of you know I highly respect Dumars and view the Pistons as a franchise to watch.

Reading the various websites.

1) Charlie V took player option $8.5 Million ouch... Gotta be either an amnesty or bait dollars in a sign and trade deal with another team.

2) More coaches interviewed than disclosed... twitter from Dumars.

3) If no quality swingmen available in the draft - happy to take another big.

The last puzzles me the most with Drummond/Monroe being such a great potential combo for the coming seasons. I expect that taking another big man is only aimed at moving the draft pick and Charlie V to ie. Atlanta for a sign an trade for a proven swing man.

4) No news on the Jose Calderon contract. I am willing to bet they sign him to a reasonable $7.5 Mill per year for 3 years or so to groom BKnight.
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