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Raymond Felton - You had a nice season. Now let's go to the nearest donut shop.

Pablo Prigioni - Stay with us. Don't go back to Europe.

Iman Shumpert - You had an excellent playoffs. Keep up the good work and try to improve your offensive game,specifically getting to the rim and finishing.

Carmelo Anthony - You're one hell of a scorer but try to improve your all-around game. Also try to gain some explosiveness,you need to finish at the rim better.

Tyson Chandler - GTFO

Chris Copeland - Stay with us and improve your defense.

Jason Kidd - Go back to Dallas and take Tyson with you.

Kenyon Martin - Work hard this off-season,we'll need you.

Steve Novak - stop complaining about not getting minutes when all you can do is shoot. Learn how to play at least a little bit of defense and how to put the ball on the floor before saying anything.

Quentin Richardson - Sup bro ?

J.R.Smith - Let's give Tina and Jill the pipe.

Amare Stoudemire - Enjoy in your 100 million dollars.

James White - Wait,you're still on the team ?

Marcus Camby - you had a nice career,now retire

Earl Barron - Work hard over the summer,we'll probably cut you so you'll need to find a new team
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