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OK guys forgive me this is not my area of expertise...

I was looking at Plumlee and Withey....
I think Plumlee has an NBA body and can play C/PF... Guy looks like a dependable player with enough go get it to be an impact player on the game. I like his activity.

Withey PF I dont think he has Center frame or possible weight and strength to play at the NBA level. He is an athletic hustle player explosive player can thrive in up and down court system when chaos happens.

Give me PLUMLEE!

As you all list them I will throw my 2 cents in if ya dont mind if you tube and torrents give me enough videos on these guys Time consuming work because I hate college basketball.

Glen Rice Jr. has got me heavily intrigued.

I'll look at PF/C first before guards. Knicks need to take the best player available regardless of position.

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