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Default Re: Microsoft to unveil new Xbox on May 21

Originally Posted by Rose
The actual reason Sony has more exclusives is they own more studios. That's it.

They have I think 19?

And to the best of my knowledge M$ maybe 4 that are relevant? And Epic, besides gears, designs for other platforms. There's a list and it's pathetic.

Also do you have a link that confirms free online play for PS4?

Sony isn't that impressive either. Naughty Dog is nice, their main Japan studio makes some gems on a very irregular basis and other than that it's not much. The key with PS is more that you get all that Japanese content that isn't on Xbox because Xbox doesn't exist in Japan. They are no Nintendo for sure though, their inhouse development is not that impressive.

MS really, really tried to go that exclusive content route. They broke the bank developing Rareware games, Fable, those Mistwalker RPGs, Too Human, the list goes on and on. They just have a really bad eye for quality in that sense.

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