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Default Re: Microsoft to unveil new Xbox on May 21

Originally Posted by Rose
The actual reason Sony has more exclusives is they own more studios. That's it.

They have I think 19?

And to the best of my knowledge M$ maybe 4 that are relevant? And Epic, besides gears, designs for other platforms. There's a list and it's pathetic.

Also do you have a link that confirms free online play for PS4?

Why would you even ask that...the only thing that they'll be charging will be the new added features especially Galkai with the PlayStation Plus services. You know how many customers Sony would lose If online isn't free.

Sony intends to expand and evolve the services it offers over the PlayStation 4's lifespan.[42] The PlayStation Network (PSN) will allow players on the PS4 to access a variety of cloud-based services from the PlayStation Store including Sony's Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited subscription services.[13] Customers can browse titles on the PlayStation Store and stream games via Gaikai to try them out nearly instantaneously.[13][43]

Like I said, streaming games will be included on the PlayStation Plus package. It's going to be like Netflix.
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