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Default Re: Microsoft to unveil new Xbox on May 21

Originally Posted by LJJ
Sony isn't that impressive either. Naughty Dog is nice, their main Japan studio makes some gems on a very irregular basis and other than that it's not much. The key with PS is more that you get all that Japanese content that isn't on Xbox because Xbox doesn't exist in Japan. They are no Nintendo for sure though, their inhouse development is not that impressive.

MS really, really tried to go that exclusive content route. They broke the bank developing Rareware games, Fable, those Mistwalker RPGs, Too Human, the list goes on and on. They just have a really bad eye for quality in that sense.
Insomniac, Ready at Dawn, Sucker Punch. Those are some pretty damn good studios.

Honestly I'd put it like Nintendo slight, but it's definitely there difference between them and Sony. Then way down there is M$.

What's funny about M$ is that Too Human was so panned by everyone when it released, but now it's almost a cult classic type game. Fable was solid till they ruined it. That's the difference between M$ and Sony. Sony games fail? They either try again after awhile, or the studio goes on makes a new game.

Microsoft? Ah well No one liked Perfect Dark Zero. Oops. Too Human? Ah well done there! Nobody like Banjo-Kazooie? **** THAT SHIT! Last fable didn't sell well? Okay we're done with that! Jade Empire didn't sell? Well shit, another one bites the dust.

I can't even remember the last time they tried to produce a big 1P game.
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