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Default Re: Colangelo OUT as GM!!!

Originally Posted by Jballer
Careful what you wish for :

One word : Ujiri.

Is this the very same Ujiri hired by Collangelo to be an assit GM before Denver ?

Yes, he was hired from Denver

Is this the very same Ujiri that was so high on Bargnani that he came over after storngly recommneding he draft him 1st over all ?

No, he came to the Raps after the Bargs draft.

I am entirely uncertain if he would be my choice regardless of where BC works. Further BC brought him to the NBA did he not ?

No BC did not bring him in, I believe the Nuggets did. Colangelojust hired him away from the Nuggets.

It would frankly be better if BC simply moved on and they brought in the basketball guy they want - decisively - as per post below.

It's not BC's decision anymore.
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