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Originally Posted by el gringos
McCollum will be taken as a pg

Olynyk, Steven Adams, Saric, and Archie Goodwin should all be moved up

Porter, Burke, oladipo should all be moved down.

Adams is available and the Knicks don't take him it's a shame. Unless its Goodwin or Saric.

In my version, I had Oladipo falling to 9, which is a pretty decent drop for him by most accounts.
In my What I think will happen version, I'm more going by what I'm reading and hearing online and on TV.

I kind of feel Olynyk, Len, Adams, Withey, Zeller, etc, will sort of affect each other's value some and push each other down the board. But I watched all of the combine footage on NBA TV and ESPN (which is pathetic ... the lesson is ... don't tear your achilles), and I could very much see Adams moving up. Those guys loved him, and he very much looked the part and measured up. But I saw him a few times this year, including in person, and just wasn't very impressed.

Goodwin was another guy that I just really didn't like. He's kind of a tweener all over to me. A SG who's not a great shooter, but not a PG, and not didn't even measure that well physically. He's got a great motor though.

Saric is another guy though that I could see moving up on the what I think will happen side of things. He's got the type of game that some team that really needs to swing for the fence might just fall in love with early. And to be completely, I think part of what happened was I sort of lost Saric in the shuffle (this is trickier to do, keeping track of who's coming off of two seperate boards), and may have had him slip in the What I think will happen board, just due to not realizing he was there for a pick or two.
I had Saric at 18 to Atlanta, which seems still seems reasonable, but again he's a tough call cause it would be that one mystery team that falls for him early. Which is sort of true of all players, but when it's a stash type foreign player, it sort of throws out things like need and current roster, and it becomes much more of an unpredictable kind of a pick.

Thanks for reading.
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