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Originally Posted by SourPatchKids
Seriously bro, there are sportswriters out there earning tons of money putting out work that's chickenscratch compared to this.

On another note, Please God let Alex Len fall into our lap.

Thanks for the compliment. I've actually been published a few times writing sort of off the cuff fluff pieces for a startup sports magazine in San Diego that never took off. But they were short narative type things, about stuff like "who's the toughest guy on campus ... the lacrosse goalie" type of things. And I wrote one about the mid-level recruit staying four years becoming more part of the culture, like "real" Syracuse fans probably 20 years from now will probably hold Carmello Anthony in a type of different light than Jerry McNammara. It was supposed to be like an edgy Maxim type attitude magazine but about college sports. I got into it because a friend of a friend was an editor, and they were scrambling for content, and I used to write emails to my friends all the time not unlike how I post on here, and one of them forwarded one of them to her and was like "you wanna see if I can talk this guy into writing for you", and she was like absolutely, and the next thing you know I've got a by line on the front cover of a magazine.
I think the wound up with 8 issues before folding. But it was fun while it lasted.

One thing this will teach you is that it really is work. I spent like all Sunday doing this, and it's totally not a submittable piece. I'd have to re-write it at least twice to publish it legitimately.
Ideally I'd do what I did, then wait till the lottery and go over it again, but at least I'd have some of my team logic, and opinions on players, figured out and ready to be used.
Then hopefully have someone else go over it a third time to check for anything I really missed went blind on.

Thanks for reading.
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