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Default Re: Wow, 50 Cent just made $400 mil off Vitamin Water

Originally Posted by B-Low
See Cam can talk all his stupid high school "no snitchin" crap he wants, but the point is 50 is makin money. I'll take $400 million over a little street cred any day of the year

jay is ceo of def jam, as far as I know he has a salary, he is looking to get bonuses for albums that do good, but as of this moment he doesnt get a % of any of these sales. Estimated worth of 350 mil, and 50 just made 400, yea sounds like 50 is the richest.

As far as street cred, once you move out of the "hood", most rappers dont have it. You have to understand that people get into rapping for the $, unlike very few rappers (how much street cred does the roots, lupe fiasco have?). If I was a rapper I would care less about street cred, but let the children hate you for not having street cred while you "laugh your way to the bank", like 50 says.
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