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Apparently, not many of you know Kenyon's game too well. Too bad goldnugg isn't here to back me up on this, but I'm sure some other Nets fans will.

1. He does have a bad jumper, and poor post up moves. That much is evident and anyone who's watched Kenyon knows. So the most of you get points for that.

2. Whoever said Kenyon can only play the 4 is just outright wrong. Probably watched 1 Kenyon game. Coming out of Cincy, he was projected to be too undersized to be an effective 4. It says he's 6-9, but he's probably just a shade over 6-8. I've seen him in person and know he doesn't look anywhere near 6-10. Also his build is more of a small forward type, as well as his athleticism. His heart is set at the four, but he's not brutally strong (though strong enough), and he has the quickness to gaurd any 2/3 in the league. Many times as a Net, he was asked to gaurd Kobe, Tracy, etc for considerable strecthes. And he did well, getting into their skin (especially T-Mac's).

3. Kenyon at the 5 would only work on teams who don't have real post threats, like pretty much any team except Miami, Houston, maybe Cleveland, Eddy Curry and New York does not count. Tim Duncan can easily overpower him, but no one stops Tim. Ever. He can over jump shooting centers with ease, and I think he should be able to cover Dwight, Amare, Bosh, which ever powerforward masquerading as a 5, because they face up more than posting and Kenyon's quickness and length should be valuable.

4. If Kenyon can accept being the garbage guy on the team, probably averaging 14/6 starting, 10/4 off the bench, while playing great defense, this would be a nice trade for Dallas. It gives them an extra guy that could keep them up San Antonio. Kenyon is as fast as a gaurd so they can go with a small line up with him at the 5 and just give the same fits that the Terry, Harris, Howard, Stack/Van Horn, Dirk did last playoffs. Except this time you got a guy who can gaurd Tim without putting Dirk in foul trouble. As well as out run Tim for the dunk as well as shot block if San Antonio goes small to match. It wouldn't be all bad. Scoring for that line up goes down with Kenyon, but they wouldn't conceed as many points either. However, with Terry, Harris, Howard and Dirk being crafty scorers, it's not like they need that 5th scorer. Ofcourse, this is all contingent if Kenyon accepts this...but if they're playing for the championship, I won't see why not. Winning seems to erase egos.

As for Stack to Denver, I'm not sure if he and Carmelo would work out. Stack seems to have an ego and I'm not sure whether he's comfortable with giving such big responsiblity to a young guy. Jordan's apprentice, nonetheless. Carmelo has his ego too. He'd fit, I just don't know if he can play off another wing player since him and Jordan didn't seem to both perform well. Many will point that Stack played well in a team concept and accepted an off the bench role with Dallas, but there's a HUGE difference. Dallas was playing to win a championship, Denver is playing to get out of the first round. So that difference will trigger clashes like we saw with Kenyon and karl. Between Carmelo, Stack, and Karl, I can only see problems arising..

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