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Default Re: The BigAss 2nd term thread

Thinking about the Benghazi story and how it's become more and more apparent that the CIA ****ed up in a big way, probably even more so than the State Department. The NY Times has an editorial today that the CIA needs to come clean and own up to its failures. The State Department already had investigation and made changes and 4 people got removed from their jobs, but so far the CIA has gotten off the hook. It's been quite obvious for a while now that they way the Republicans have conducted themselves that this is about big political stakes and they had a target in mind. Who was head of the State Department during this? Hiliary Clinton, presumptive nominee for the Democratic Party in 2016.

However, perhaps the political stakes and trickery were not all on one side.
Who was the head of the CIA? A general who was famed for being insanely ambitious, who had a Republican PR firm work on a campaign to get him a fifth star, who has enough fans that a campaign url for him is still active and who would be a very attractive candidate for the Republicans in 2016? Yes, David Petraeus. Two months after the Benghazi attack and just a few days after the presidential election, Petraeus is brought down by an piddling affair with a graduate student.

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